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How it works

Hold cursor over the image that you would like to purcase in high resolution format. An image ID will appear; Please quote the entire image ID in the space provided in the order box on the right of the order form. You are then able to select the image class you prefer. The miPhoto team recomends the Class A photo type, as it provides for a better image quality. Please select the quanity of images you would like and click in another box and the form will auto calculate the cost involved. Once you have completed your order and clicked 'submit', please be patient while your request is being processed. You will be reverted to the confirmation page and receive an email with your order confirmation. Please use the reference number provided when processing your payment through payfast.

Photo Classes

Class A photo = 1400px
Class B photo = 1000px
Class C photo = 800px

Order your photos


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Item Description Quantity Price Total
Class "A" Photos 20.00
Class "B" Photos 15.50
Class "C" Photos 12.00